Hello there, so you wanna know what I have to offer?
Here take a look


Here are the terms and conditions

• No work or art will be made for "followers", I don't care if you have million followers (I don't use social media so why bother)
• What you're getting when you hire me is a drawing or artwork in my style.
• I can cancel at any moment the commission.
• When a commission is placed, 50% of the whole order should be paid in advancement(up front), in order to proceed.
• The artwork completed will be delivered in digital format.
• The delivery time depends on the complexity of the artwork.

Process rules

• To request a commission, send me a message
• Please be consice and clear on your instructions, and clear visual references if needed or requested by me.
• Once the commission is accepted, 20% of the total amount should be paid first via paypal.
• After getting the first payment, I'll be sending updates on each of the stages of the artwork.
• Please be careful when ordering, there are no changes once it's already approved and/or already done.
• On every stage of the artwork you're allowed to make correction per stage. Make a list and be clear.
• The time on the artwork depends the complexity, it can go between 2-30 days.
• Once finished, the artwork, you'll be sent a low res until the res 80% is completely paid.
• Once completely paid, you wil recieve the artwork in a .zip via wetransfer with the real resolution.


• The currency is only on USD.
• I only accept payments via Paypal.
• Once you detail what you want, you need to wait until I accept your request, in order to pay.


• Depending on your comissions, refunds will go like this
• If I haven't started, I will return 90% from the initial 20%.
• If I have already done the sketch/base model, I will return 60% from the correspondent final price. o If I have already made the lineart, I will return 40% from the correspondent final price.
• If I have already made the base color/render and shaded the model, I will return 20% from the correspondent final price.
• If I have finished the Artwork, I will not be able to give you anything back and the final artwork should be paid.

• I can take Freelance work just send me a message
• I don't accept free work requests
• Collaborations are acceptable if I have the time ( I don't :) )